27 March 2015

Five Essential Steps to Deliver your Shiny New Strategic Plan

You’ve just completed your annual planning exercise… Now what? Congrats CEO and senior team – you’ve done your strategic planning by the book: Ran a retreat with […]
19 February 2015

4 steps to make strategy viral

What if strategy went viral in your company? What if your strategic plan went viral in your company?  What if everyone – from the chairman to […]
16 December 2014

Five steps to approach your annual planning

Principles and practical steps for getting value out of your annual planning exercises Here we’ll talk you through two core principles and five practical action steps […]
1 December 2014

Psst – want to know how your peers do annual planning?

Over the course of this series I’ll endeavour to answer or facilitate answers to the questions many CEOs have: How do other CEOs approach it? Is […]
14 July 2014

How we changed our business trajectory in 6 weeks

How we applied startup methodology to re-establish our business proposition with stunning effect In this post I’ll share how we applied startup methodology to re-establish our […]
6 October 2012

What is strategy?

Have you ever talked strategy and thought “actually, what is strategy?” I have the privilege of interacting with a lot of companies as they articulate strategy […]