Get strategy done

Leaderkit is a strategy delivery system to help executive teams perform better.

Build your strategy in a day with a one-page plan

Take a helicopter view with Business 360° to understand your business better. Condense your critical thinking into a one-page Roadmap using key business drivers. Wrap it up by setting goals to solidify the strategic plan.

Now you've taken control of operations it's time to share with the team.

Engage staff, collaborate and ‘lift-off’ using the execution toolkit

Breathe life into your strategy with a roadmap and action lists to drive collective understanding of what needs to be done. Use the status bars and traffic light system to track progress and embed accountability at every level of the business.

  • allocate tasks and actions
  • track progress
  • drive accountability

With the team onboard, and a natural flow from vision to action, easily shape what gets done.

Stay on track and evolve your strategy for future needs

Deepen your understanding of the way ahead and the progress you're making. Use regular reviews to fuel high performance and drive execution.

  • operational
  • one-on-one
  • board reporting
  • strategic

Keep things on track with regular strategic resets in line with changing market drivers.